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BAD BISH Pre Workout

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What Is It?
BAD BISH is our entry level pre workout matrix formulated for women. 

Why Would I Take It?
If you are looking for some energy to boost your stamina in the gym then BAD BISH is right for you!

How Does It Work?
BAD BISH uses a solid multi-ingredient profile which targets hydration, mental focus, fat burn and increased energy! We use the following ingredients to improve your workout!
-Beta Alanine the tingle……and for decreased muscle fatigue
-Taurine for ingredient uptake
-Vitacoline for neurological support
-Green Tea (100mg) for natural energy
-Caffeine (150mg) for energy
-GBB-EEC for sweat

How Much Should I Take?
The recommendation is 1 Scoop with 6-8oz of chilled water 30 minutes prior to training. For maximum results try 2 Scoops with 6-8oz of chilled water.