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What Is It?
AMMPED is our HIGH POWER pre workout matrix!

Why Would I Take It?
If you struggle from a lack of energy or stamina during a workout then AMMPED is right for you!

How Does this Work?
AMMPED uses a strong multi ingredient blend (AMMPED Matrix) which targets mental focus, increased blood flow, and decreased muscle fatigue! We use the following ingredients to improve your workout!
-L-Citrulline for pump
-Beta Alanine for decreased muscle fatigue
-Taurine for ingredient uptake
-Caffeine (400mg) for energy
-GBBgo for sweat, GBBgo is a trademark 

How Much Should I Take?

We highly advise starting with 1/2 a scoop. AMMPED is a very strong, powerful pre workout formula. The recommendation is ½ a scoop to one full scoop depending on your tolerance. If you have never taken AMMPED, start with ½ a scoop to gauge your tolerance. Look under the suggested use for recommendations on all of our products!